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How Fashion is Gender neutral anyways

We commonly see our clothing as a means of expressing our gender identification, but what about going against the flow in terms of what you choose to wear?

While the gender debate in our society continues to change and fashion tries to follow up, we intentionally categorise clothing into the two main categories of men's and women's clothing. It is true that the idea of gender-specific clothing is a social construct. For instance, when the high heel shoe was first created, men wore them to suggest their upper-class status. Only someone who did not have to work could afford to wear such extravagant shoes on a practical and financial level.
Fashion has no gender boundaries, and anyone should be able to express themselves through their clothing without judgement or discrimination.


In order to create a space where clothing isn't restricted to a single gender, society and the fashion industry have been slow to embrace outdated gender roles and the binary concept of fashion. Yet, the notion of wearing clothing that defies gender stereotypes or is gender neutral is gaining popularity. Younger generations are working to eliminate the assumptions associated with gender that are typically associated with clothing.

All hail Ranveer Singh, the Indian equivalent of gender-neutral style. The actor is known for wearing avant-garde clothing and sporting unusual looks. Harry Styles has become the face of gender-neutral fashion. He has proven that clothes and gender are not always associated, from wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue to wearing sheer shirts, sequins, and skirts for red carpets and his concerts.



Not only men but women of the industry have also been breaking the gender specific clothing stereotypes. Zendaya regularly slays in suits which shows they are not only for men, she also stated in an interview that gender specific clothing is "the future of the fashion industry"



There are so many great options out there for everyone to choose from, and it's great to see more and more people embracing this idea. There's no right or wrong way to dress - it's all about what makes you feel comfortable and confident!

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