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Indian ads that broke gender stereotypes

Havells 'Hawa Badlegi'

A couple sitting at a registrar's office, with the husband taking the wife's last name and making the official do a double take.
 A brilliant yet simple take to break the gender stereotype.

Ariel's 'Share The Load'

In Ariel's 'Share The Load' ad, a father watches his daughter juggle work and household chores. After introspecting his own role at house, he tries to bring a positive change in the family.
He agrees to share laundry duties with his wife - this ad is a perfect challenge to gender stereotypes in our society.

Titan Raga:'#HerLifeHerChoices"

They showed us a strong and independent woman who is capable of making her own life choices. She has aspirations and is not afraid to take control of her life in her hands.
It is really interesting to see how they have depicted a high-spirited woman with an aura of sensuality wrapped around her.


This ad features a modern day couple. The woman is a multi-tasker who handles her office and juniors at work and then comes back home to prepare food for her husband who is still at his workplace on his boss’ orders.
The ad beautifully portrays a relationship where a woman knows how to juggle her work and personal life.

Fem-Bleach: Karwa Chauth 

Consumer goods giant Dabur recently released an advertising for their product Fem Creme bleach that features a same-sex pair celebrating the Karva Chauth festival. The image has drawn varied responses on social media.
In the advertisement, two young women are seen excitedly getting ready for their first Karva Chauth as one is using bleach on the other's face.


As the groom's parents participate in the "daan" ritual, Bhatt concludes that it should be "Kanya Maan," respecting the daughter instead of "donating" her. In the advertisement, Bhatt questions whether the custom of giving girls away in marriage, or "Kanya daan," is something we should still be doing in the modern age. Daughters are not property.

Vim: Vim Black

Doing dishes may seem like a routine and uninteresting chore for many. Even in this modern age, it is still looked upon as a feminine task. In most Indian houses, this duty is assigned to the lady of the house or the maid.

However, Vim is aiming to change the notion. The brand has launched a sassy campaign with hilariously sarcastic ads  VIM is trying to change the narrative of- It’s not just a woman’s job! The campaign aims to normalize a man’s role in washing dishes.


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